Dietary Plans

VLCKD Kick Start Plan

This is our most popular plan. It provides fast initial weight loss that can be visually seen and felt in a matter of days. This diet can be followed without requirement for exercise. However, we encourage our guests to incorporate some movement for general wellness.

The aim of this diet is to keep carbohydrate and calorie intake low. As a consequence, within 48 hours of starting the diet, you’ll feel a unique sense of wellbeing, appetite suppression and increase in energy levels from the natural production of ketones in your body. 

This diet is based on a combination of ordinary foods and a wide range of food-like products. We have used these products successfully in our clinics in Ireland for the past 20 years. They mimic ordinary food, such as regular porridge or bread, very well. This makes the diet easier to comply with. The diet includes unlimited low starch vegetables at each meal. Each meal also includes a choice of protein.

Main Meal

Your main meal of the day will consist of a choice of animal or plant based protein as well as vegetables. For example, this could be fish and vegetables.

Second Meal

Your second meal of the day consists of a choice of food products and vegetables. For example, this could be our special bread with our salads and soups. 


Your breakfast would also incorporate vegetables and a choice of a food product, such as our special pancake or porridge with stewed rhubarb. 


Your snacks would also come from our wide range of sweet or savoury products, such as crisps, biscuits, bars and so on.

If you wish, in many cases it is possible to follow this plan also upon your return home. Alternatively, you may wish to introduce a regular food plan based without the products after your kick start. 

Solar Alvura Wholefood Plan 

This plan is best suitable for our guests who are not specifically planning to lose weight during their stay with us, but rather come to us for a health hotel experience. 

While your meals are based on our balanced approach using Dr Eva’s Four Pillars (see above), you will be given a completely free choice of meals and snacks with no goal to keep your calories within any specific range. However, our team of professionals are at hand to suggest the best choices from our menu for all of your three main meals and snacks. Our menu is built on nutritious foods only for your well-being.

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