Dietary Plans

VLCKD Kick Start Plan

Our very low calorie ketogenic diet (VLCKD) plan has been shown to encourage optimal weight loss in a sustained and healthy fashion. This plan has been used by Dr. Eva in our Irish clinics for over fifteen years to help many people reverse their Type 2 Diabetes. This VLCKD kick start is a great beginning for any weight loss journey.
The basis of this plan is fresh, high fibre vegetables, high protein, low carbohydrate foods, and supplements to support fat loss rather than muscle loss. The potential benefits of a ketogenic diet include increased energy, a feeling of wellbeing, improved sleep and of course weight loss! This plan provides similar results to fasting, however through more behaviour modification, it gives you the tools you need for a more long-term and sustainable weight loss. Our VLCKD provides an easy-to-follow structure with the ability to continue this plan upon your return home. Average calories consumed per day: 800-1,000. The Program also includes spa treatments and group sessions to keep you active but with plenty of time to relax and destress.

Low GI Plan:
On a low GI plan, the aim is to provide the body with a stable blood sugar balance without the peaks and troughs that create an energy rollercoaster. This is achieved by eating foods that take longer for the body to absorb thereby enabling a steady release of energy to the body. There is a smaller calorie deficit on this plan compared to our VLCK diet, however this allows you to include more exercise into your daily routine. A typical day on a low GI food plan may include wholemeal breads, pastas, rice and jacket potatoes along with a wide selection of vegetables such as beetroot, broccoli, peas, carrots etc. For example, a typical main meal may include a fillet of fresh fish, a medium jacket potato and a selection of freshly steamed vegetables. Typical daily calorie intake is approximately 1,500 – 2,000 kcal.

Therapeutic Fasting / Intermittent Fasting Plan

The benefits of therapeutic or intermittent fasting have been greatly researched and supported including weight loss, energy balance and cell regeneration. The aim of this plan is to fast for up to sixteen hours in a twenty four hour period and then have your daily calorie intake within the remaining eight hours. Ideally the body will enter ketosis after fourteen hours of fasting and cell rejuvenation may begin at sixteen hours. You may not feel comfortable beginning your fast at sixteen hours to begin with so adjustments will be made accordingly with our nutritionists. Average daily calorie intake is approximately 800kcal to 1,500kcal.

Juice Fast Plan

While taking part in the juice fast plan, the aim is to enable the body reach ketosis, the state of energy production that involves the body using it’s own fat stores for energy rather than glucose (carbohydrates). You will be served five juices and one broth daily at regular intervals. A typical day may involve a herbal tea upon waking followed by morning yoga, your first juice of the day will be served at 10am with the rest of your juices and broth at two hourly intervals. We also include a herbal detox supplement as well as psyllium husk to aid in the detoxification process. It is advisable that a treatment of colonic irrigation is undertaken to aid the elimination of toxins from the body and to prevent feeling unwell. Juices consist of a mixture of local, fresh fruits and vegetables. Average daily calorie intake is approximately 600kcal to 800kcal.

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