Dr Eva’s Great Escape

The RTÉ One camera crew followed Dr.Eva and Wyatt Orsmond on their journey to create a three-part documentary capturing the renovation and progression of Solar Alvura, a 21-bedroom boutique health hotel. As they embarked on their new venture, they packed up their belongings from their Wicklow home in Ireland and headed to the beautiful town of Moncarapacho. This was a daring project which they thought might be too big for them. It was either going to be a recipe for disaster or else the best thing that had ever happened to them.

Wyatt Orsmond is a Geotechnical Engineer from South Africa. Dr Eva Orsmond born in Finland is a Doctor, Author, TV Personality, Entrepreneur and mother to her two grown up sons. Christofer (24) and Evan (22) have flown the nest and are making their way out into the world. Wyatt and Dr. Eva spent 20 years in Ireland and have established several weight-loss clinics here. They lived a very fast paced life with Dr. Eva participating in many TV programmes such as Operation Transformation, Dancing with the Stars to name a few and of course the most recent documentary “Dr. Eva’s Great Escape”.
While enjoying life along the way they were ready for a new beginning, a new way of life, another language and most importantly to have relaxation time. Moncarapacho provides just that.

On a trip to visit her mother’s summer home in Southern Portugal, Dr. Eva stumbled on Solar Alvura. Once an old, derelict, traditional farmhouse set on 42000 square metres of land, Dr. Eva spotted an opportunity to do something new with her husband Wyatt and embark on an exciting new challenge. As they walked through the gates of the abandoned Portuguese hotel, they attempted to create their dream. Dr. Eva had said to Wyatt twenty years prior that she would love to start a new venture and after many hectic, exciting years in Ireland the time was just right. “I dreamed for 20 years to have a place in the sun” said Dr. Eva and she always had this vision in mind.

It was a long search to find a five-star hotel or resort focused on wellbeing and weight loss and this is exactly what Solar Alvura is all about. “Doctor Eva’s Great Escape” explores the ups and downs of life. This venture had its fair share of trials and tribulations both professionally and personally. This is only the beginning and there is much more to be revealed in the next documentary not to be missed.

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