Our history with Solar Alvura began when Dr. Eva stumbled on a website advertising the sale of Solar Fornalha on 13 March 2017. A few months later, on the last day of July 2017, we signed the notary deeds and the renovation journey commenced. Originally named Hotel Solar da Fornalha, it was a family run, thirty room hotel which was fully functional from 2002 until around 2010 when it closed.
During the last global economic depression, the previous owners apparently ran into financial difficulties and went into liquidation. Subsequently the bank who issued the loan also went bankrupt. As a result, Solar da Fornalha was unoccupied for almost a decade. During this time, it fell into disrepair. The terrain became overgrown and the hotel was vandalized.
During our extensive renovation project we discovered a stone buried in the ground with 1868 engraved on it which signified that the farmhouse was established at this time. The land in
front of the old house had been cultivated originally with olive trees and later with oranges, and there were signs of vineyards indicating that Solar da Fornalha was an active farm. Monocarapacho is renowned for its agriculture. Today, you can see a myriad of figs, olives, oranges and carob beans growing in the surrounding area.
We have found many hidden gems and artefacts at Solar Alvura. One that we were amazed to discover during our building work was an old olive press that it is still present today in our lobby as a testimony of active farm life. In addition, we also found two hidden stone lined wells which bring us back to traditional Portuguese living. The four gigantic olive barrels were incased in brick and mortar in the small alcove which we have converted to our boutique. They are now displayed in different areas of our grounds. The two bigger ones are standing on both sides of the steps leading down from the restaurant patio to the orange.

Moncarapacho is a rural area a few miles inland near the regional capital of Faro. It is located in the Eastern Algarve nestled between the coast and the mountains. Its history dates back to 1368 which you can learn more about in the local museum. When walking on its white cobblestone roads called calçada, it feels like you have been transported back in time to the 1950’s. Although a tranquil destination, you are only 20 minutes from the vibrant, bustling city of Faro and of course, Faro airport. A short 10 minute drive takes you to the time lost beach village of Fuseta. It is an active stress-free working village with locals sitting outside the “pastelería” sipping coffee or older men drinking beer.

While our history with Solar Alvura is short we are looking forward to many years of new beginnings. As it says in the name “Solar Alvura” translated to “manor house of whiteness”, it is a haven for peace, serenity and happiness.
We are inviting anyone who knows more about Solar Fornalha´s history to send us any information.

Mission Statement

We at Solar Alvura are committed to your health and well-being with a no-nonsense approach. We value the importance of trust, dignity and respect. We do not set unrealistic expectations but strive to support and inspire you.

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